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SHAPE Arkansas Student Scholarships

SHAPE Arkansas Student Scholarships


The following awards are available each year:

  • Newman McGee, Jr. Scholarship of $400;

  • Jeff Farris, Jr. Scholarship of $200;

  • Past-Presidents’ Scholarship of $200

  • John Hosinski Memorial Scholarship of $200.

Qualifications for nominees and committee procedures follow.

SHAPE Arkansas


  1. Each candidate must:
  2. Be an undergraduate student with a declared major in the field of HPERD in an Arkansas college/university of his/her choice.
  3. Have a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale and have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours.
  4. Submit all information required on the application form (see Appendix E).
  5. Be a member of SHAPE Arkansas.
  1. Application Procedures
  2. Any qualified student may apply.
  3. Any association member may submit a nomination of a qualified (see above) student by sending the candidate’s application papers to the committee chair by October 24.

III. Committee Procedures: Applications shall be reviewed by each committee member who will rank order the applicants, with “1” being the first choice, “2” being the second choice, etc. Committee members will submit their rank order of candidates to the chair. The chair will total the rankings. The candidate with the lowest total will receive the McGee scholarship; the candidate with the second-lowest total will receive the Farris scholarship; the candidate with the third-lowest will receive the Past-Presidents’ scholarship. The chair will break a tie. The scholarship recipients will be announced at the awards’ banquet at the state convention.

  1. Recognition and Presentation
  2. The chair shall notify the scholarship recipients, the executive director, and president of the recipients. The chair shall (a) invite the recipients to attend the state convention as guests of the association and (b) present the scholarship awards at the designated meal.
  3. The chair shall submit an itemized account of expenses incurred for reimbursement from the association. The chair is responsible for all press releases and publicity.
  4. Amendments and Revisions (see Generic Code)



Candidate: _______________________________________________

College/University: _______________________________________________________________

Home Address: ___________________________________________________________________


Age: __________ Birth Date:_____/_____/_____

Grade Point Average:__________ Hours completed as of October 15:_________

Background in HPERD (activity involvement)

Other activities and accomplishments (use reverse side if needed):

Submit a brief paper entitled, “Why I Have Chosen the Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and/or Dance Profession for a Career.”

Include a recent photograph.

Include an up-to-date college/university transcript.

Include three letters of recommendation to support the candidacy. Please email the letter to Pete Kelly Arkansas Tech email: pkelly@atu.edu.  Information due Oct 24. 11:59 pm.

   Online submission form